About Me

A little more about who I am.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, I'm a university student with a keen interest and career in Information Technology and all things electronic. Check out a bit more about me below.


Networking + Security

I'm a network security specialist, currently a Security Engineer. I work in a wide variety of fields including corporate and government-scale networking, enterprise security and advanced network management and monitoring. For a snapshot of my professional experience, check out my professional site.


I'm also an avid photographer. Specialising in landscape and nature photography, I will be posting a sampler of images here on my Photography page. Contact me for more information, or full-size copies of my images.



I'm also an enthusiast hardware and software hacker. My projects are generally small, low-budget and not that ground-breaking, but you might find some of them here on my Projects page. If you're not using duct tape, you're not doing it right.

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